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Data Wagon

The designing and building of the Data Wagon for measuring speed and distance

CAD design of chassis, base, body and user interface panel

Single 2mm carbide milling tool

Material 12, 6 and 3mm plywood

Machining tool paths calculated from drawing vectors, tool size and material dimensions


Tool paths checked using the CAM simulator

3D pan and tilt gives an overall view of how the finished parts will look.

Tool path data downloaded to the CNC controller

Material size, thickness and tooling set up

CNC Machining of parts to an accuracy +-0.025mm

Finished parts


Base and Chassis assembly

Delrin chain drive from axle to encoder shaft

Steel wheels and cast white metal axel boxes

User interface panel and micro controller assembled into the wagon body

Low cost micro controller using the ATMEL ATmega328 chip

Optical quadrature encoder salvaged from an old PC mouse

Resolution of 65 pulsed per revolution


Dynamic C++ code

Easily expandable to include any extra features that the customer may ask for such as speed measurement and data logging with connection to a PC via the USB port

Initial test of the software, reading the outputs of the encoder and displaying pulse count and direction information

Simple and uncluttered

Clear LCD readout of distance in several formats

2 button menu system

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