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Phase 1
Phase 1 Track Layout

The first phase of construction of my garden railway is to lay 2 x 25 feet lengths of Peco SL-600 streamline flexi track with 4 sets of points, 2 Peco SL-E695 right hand and 2 Peco SL-E696 left hand.

This will run through the middle of a large flower bed which is between the terrace and the lawn to the rear of my house.

To achieve this it is going to take a lot of ground work including replacing  the single concrete block retaining wall around the flower bed with treated softwood railway sleepers.

Materials delivered and given a coat of creosote.


The first job is to tidy things up and move a number of plants which will be in the way of the track.


Sleepers in place of the concrete blocks and things are looking a lot neater already.


Decking boards were then laid on top of the sleepers with concrete blocks at each end to take the track where it runs through the middle of the flower bed.


The first track is laid completing phase 1

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