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Phase 2
Phase 2 Track Layout

The second phase of construction of my garden railway is to lay the track for a 5 feet diameter balloon loop with 2 reverse curves using Peco ST-605 fixed curve track.

This will be joined to the back right hand end of  the phase 1 track via a set of Peco SL-E697 Y points, with the bridging pieces between the points and the loop being Peco SL-600 streamline flexi track.

The loop is deliberately a very tight radius as I intend to use it for testing rolling stock and locomotives, working on the principal that if it goes around this then it will go around anything!


The site of the phase 2 loop. It will be laid on concrete blocks and at the same level as the phase 1 track.

The cricket stump marks the centre of the phase 3 loop which will be 10 feet in diameter and around the outside of the phase 2 loop.

A mock up of the track layout on the back bedroom floor shows just how tight a curve this loop is going to be.

Anyone fancy taking a Garret around it?


With the grass finally cleared I now have a big enough area to lay the foundations for the loop


A couple of hours work with the 9” angle grinder and diamond cutting disc sees the concrete blocks shaped to form a (rough) circle.


Finally the concrete blocks are in their final position and just need the gaps pointing before the track is laid.


With the pointing done and the track laid Driver Reg takes Criccieth Castle around the loop completing Phase 2.

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