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Phase 3A
Phase 3a1 Phase 2 and 3a1

The third phase of construction of my garden railway is to lay the track for a 10 feet diameter 270 degree loop with a 9 feet long siding. This will be on the outside of the phase 2 loop and  constructed in 3 phases

Phase 3A is the first 90 degrees of the loop with the points and siding,

Phase 3B is the base for the bridge at the far end of the layout to set the maximum height needed for the rest of the gradient on the phase 3 loop

Phase 3C is the other 180 degrees of the loop.


MDF templates cut to 60 inches radius were used to get a rough idea as to where the points for the siding should go.

The templates were then used to get the thermalite block for the track bed into place.


With the thermalite blocks cemented into position the trackbed was laid in cement  reinforced with steel mesh at a gradient of 1:50

Finally the trackbed was smoothed to give a constant gradient and the track was laid.

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