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Phase 3B
Phase 3b

This doesn't look like much. but it is in fact a very important part of the construction. It is where the track of what will be phase 4 of the layout crosses over itself on a bridge.

Although strictly speaking it is part of phase 4 I’ve designated it as phase 3B because phase 3C can't go ahead without it as it sets the maximum height of the layout and thus the height I need to get to when I construct phase 3C.


With the grass removed from the end of the phase 1 section the next job is to lay 2 300 x 600 concrete flags to take the abutments of the bridge, the underside of which will be 8 inches above the top of the lower rails.

Bridge abutments cemented into place, now to lay the concrete slab and extend the tracks from Phase 1.


Concrete slab laid and the track in place. the far track is just a siding but the near track will continue round in a spiral (Phase 4) and go over the Phase 3B bridge.

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